Shoot Low Sheriff

I'm driving a group of us over from Fort Worth next week to watch y'all play at the Allen Library. Will you please play my favorite all-time Shoot Low Sheriff song, "Fort Worth, Texas"??? Thanks!!!

Shoot Low Sheriff responded on 07/11/2013

Hi Mark. Thanks for requesting Fort Worth, Texas! And thanks for planning to come see us next week. We'll do what we can to honor your request, but the Allen Library show is Bob Wills night and we've been asked to play only songs from the Playboys' repertoire. It's gonna be a great show. Bob Wills' daughter, Carolyn, will be presenting a video about her father's music and David Stricklin (son of Al Stricklin, Bob's first piano player) will be giving a presentation comparing our music to the Playboys'. That should be interesting. We look forward to seeing you there!
Erik & SLS

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