Shoot Low Sheriff

I really enjoyed you as part of the TX Gypsies because it had some of that Django sound. Is that sound part of the past? Where did you come up with the band's name?

Shoot Low Sheriff responded on 10/22/2010

Thanks. Being in the Texas Gypsies was a lot of fun. Shoot Low Sheriff does focus more on Western Swing than Gypsy Jazz, but now that we have Jessica playing lead guitar with us, we're working up songs and arrangements that feature the same kind of guitar/violin interplay as we had in the Gypsies. We're also planning to do some shows with a stripped down, more acoustic version of the band. Stay tuned to our Web site for more details.
Our name comes from something Bob Wills used to say, "Shoot Low Sheriff, They're Riding Shetlands".

See you soon.

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