Shoot Low Sheriff


1. Is the band your full-time profession, or do you do something in addition?

2. What guitar were you using at the Fair? It had that art-deco look.


Shoot Low Sheriff responded on 11/30/2010

Hi Donald. Thanks for your questions.
Actually, my full-time job is being a swimsuit model.

Just kidding. :^) By day I'm an underworked and overpaid art director. I'd rather be making music full time, but at least my day job allows me to be creative and it pays the bills.

The guitar I was playing at the Fair is a 1942 Epiphone triumph. I got it within the past year and I really love it. It has great archtop tone and it's loud. Plus, it looks cool. Come up and check it out at a gig sometime.

Thanks again. See you soon.


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