Shoot Low Sheriff

We caught your (kinda) recent show at Sons of Herman Hall - and, as usual, you were great!!! Question: any future shows planned to begin earlier than 9:00 PM? Us old farts need our rest.

Shoot Low Sheriff responded on 05/12/2011

I hear you. I remember the days when we used to play in Deep Ellum and didn't START till midnight.
We do have a couple of earlier shows coming up next month. June 24th we're playing an outdoor civic concert in Burleson that starts at 7:30. The next day we're playing in Stockyards Station in Fort Worth from 2-5pm. Both shows are free. We're playing at the Stockyards Station once a month through October or November. We'll have info posted on our Web site about those shows soon. Thanks!

Erik and SLS

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